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Season Opening 2024

On Saturday, April 6th, 2024, we traditionally met for the first big get-together! At the season opening near Ingolstadt everything revolved around the coming season, acceptance of new members, appointments, events as well as honors and the presentation of various badges!


Of course, we also say: No fight, no fight! That's why we enjoyed some culinary delights before the upcoming meeting! With very tasty and hearty Bavarian food in the Kastaniengarten in Ingolstadt, we fortified ourselves for the next few hours of organization for 2024!


In the first part, our Presi Pixx announced the upcoming news from the Presi meeting in Germany.


The first handover of the new badges was then scheduled ​ For the “12 Station Tour” held in 2023, members Slick, Kayser, Didi, Christian, Santa, Lorenzo and Rolf received the corresponding patch.


After our road captain Selim successfully completed his master butcher exam last year, we gave him a small gift in the form of a plate! Congratulations!


Congratulations also to our member Face, who is celebrating his 5th anniversary this year! The certificate will be presented to him at the end of the season. ​


Our President and founding member Pixx can also celebrate an anniversary! He joined the RKMC 10 years ago, then as a Member at Large, and founded our chapter together with the other members in 2017! As a thank you, our deputy Günter presented him with the anniversary certificate! ​


Many kilometers are also rewarded at the RKMC and members Kay, Slick and Christian received the “Iron Butt” patch in gold and silver for driving at least 10,000 km per year. ​


In the second part, our Secretary Kayser informed us about upcoming dates and organizational requirements for the coming season. In addition to previous dates such as Bikes`n Burger or the first party from other clubs, there are also many classics on the schedule again such as RED Knight Tour, International Convention in Leipzig, Red Knights Family Day, several charity trips, Kids in Emotion, Biker Weekend in PUllman City, etc. You can find current dates in our calendar!

There was then a very special honor for our secretary! Due to the many events now taking place in Franconia, our President appointed him internal Vice President of the Franconia Sector. ​ You can find current dates in our calendar! ​


Our President Pixx and our Vice President Günter were pleased to make two appointments:


Our Fleischhaum was unanimously appointed Sergeant at Arms and Slick was unanimously appointed Treasurer! Congratulations! ​


As a penultimate point, a new member was added to the ranks of the Red Knights family on this day. As a social member we can now welcome Martina Marienfeld, road name “Kayserin”, to Chapter Germany XV! ​


Since we as Red KNIGHTS already have nobility in our name, there was something very special for our members at the end! ​


The accolade!


What is a tradition for many Red Knights chapters will also be continued by us by purchasing a sword and an official acceptance certificate including a text with the rights and duties of a Red Knight! Every member of Germany XV was once again officially accepted into the chapter by our presidents with a knighthood on this day! ​


After a group photo, we ended the evening in a cozy and family atmosphere! ​


We wish everyone an incident-free and wonderful 2024 season!


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