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Germany XV

-The Chapter in Bavaria-

Many countries have their own chapters of the Red Knights MC ®. So we are Chapter 15 from Germany. We were founded in March 2017, near Passau, in beautiful Bavaria. We are represented by our members, starting from the northern most part of Franconia through the greater Munich area to the south of Upper Bavaria. Thus we form one of the largest chapters of the RKMC in Germany.

Members of Chapter Germany XV


The officers perform various tasks within the chapter, such as managing the chapter's finances, being responsible for order and peace, leading and planning outings, organizational management, etc.

Active Member

The active members are all members who are active members of a fire department. No matter what rank, training or fire department. We are always connected by three things: fire departments, motorcycles and the passion to share these two things with our brothers and sisters around the world!

Social Member

The social members are all members who are not active in a fire department or own a motorcycle, but are siblings, life partners or spouses, children over 16 years of age or the parents of active members.

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