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Fire House Tour 2022

As a joint project of the Bavarian chapter of the Red Knights MC for 2022, the FIREHOUSE tour was on the program in May.

In order to comply with the regulations of the Grand Tour Committee, a fire station had to be approached for each letter.

The planning consisted of first approaching the fire brigades that are staffed by one of our members. The remaining, missing letters were partly occupied by BF guards and then spontaneously on the rainy Sunday due to the weather by nearby fire brigade equipment houses.

The starting point was Hersbruck in Franconia with an afternoon tour through the highlights of Franconian Switzerland with a visit to the legendary Kathibräu.

In the evening there was enough to talk about in the bar "Rocklaube".

After a good night's sleep, on Friday we went via the main fire station of the Erlangen fire brigade to the Roth location, the Unterheckenhofen fire brigade equipment house and the Ingolstadt fire department. In Hohenkammer we were well taken care of with coffee and cake. Finally, our president and his wife awaited us in the courtyard of the Fürstenfeldbruck fire brigade. In the meantime, the seven-person tour group has grown to 11.

Saturday was then again marked by a regional motorcycle tour. Countless curved curves and off-the-beaten-path paths led us without much traffic past Lake Starnberg to Wolfratshausen, Penzberg, Peißenberg am Lech along Seestall past Lake Ammersee back to Olching. This is where the club evening took place.

Sunday started out dry, but due to the extensive thunderstorms from midday onwards we had to change the invitation with meat from the grill in Unterdietfurt and the stops in Ebersberg and at the fire station in Straubing at short notice. Without further ado we went to nearby Esting and finally to the equipment house in Schlips. Here the paths of the participants of the four-day tour parted with a final photo and everyone moved as quickly as possible to their homeland in Upper Bavaria, Middle Franconia and Lower Bavaria.

The application for recognition of the FIREHOUSE tour is currently ongoing. We quickly agreed that the visits and discussions with the comrades on the guards and at the tool sheds were so inspiring that we will do part of the 5-part Grand Tour again next year.

We would like to thank all colleagues and comrades for the friendly welcome, the hospitality and the opportunity to use the sanitary facilities.

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