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Red Knights International Firefighter Club

About the R.K.M.C.


The Red Knights MC ® is a worldwide motorcycle club based in the USA. It was founded on October 19, 1982 by a handful of firefighters in Boylston - Massachusetts (USA).

In the summer of 1982, various firefighters met at Randy's Cycle Shop in Boylston,Massachusetts. They discussed starting their own motorcycle club, but there is still no motorcycle club for firefighters. During that discussion, business owner Randy Wilson told Ed Wright, a Northboro, Massachusetts firefighter, to stop talking about it and start a motorcycle club instead.

Excited by the idea, Ed Wright went home and created some handmade cards to invite local firefighters. He planned to organize a meeting to see if there were enough people interested in starting a motorcycle club. At theAug. 17, 1982 Fire Chief Jack Pierce allowed a small group of motorcycle-loving firefighters to meet at the fire department's headquarters to make preparations to start a motorcycle club.

So in order to combine work/hobby and motorcycling, they founded their own MC.

Word of this idea got around quickly and more and more people joined the MC.


In the July 1983 another chapter was formed in Connecticut. In October of the same year, a second chapter in Massachusetts, as well as in Nevada and Louisiana. With the charters in Ontario and Saskatchewan (Canada), the club became the


Since 1983, more than 400 chapters with well over 12,000 members have been founded around the world.


Our goals:

Our goals are to promote motorcycling among firefighters and their families in Germany, to cultivate camaraderie among motorcyclists at home and abroad, to maintain contact with other circles interested in motorcycles, and to support non-profit, charitable and social organizations and foundations.

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