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Season Opening 2023

In addition to the first joint event, the bike fair in Fürth, we met on Saturday, April 1st, 2023, in Ingolstadt for the traditional “season opening” session for the 2023 season.

Before the official part began, we fortified ourselves in a sociable and comradely atmosphere with food and drinks from the inn at Auwaldsee.

Afterwards, our president “Pixx” Stefan distributed the latest information and innovations. Our Secretary “Kayser” Kay also announced the upcoming dates for the coming season. The highlights this year are of course the planned 12 Station Tour and the International Convention of the Red Knights in Fussach (Austria).

Finally, some surveys were carried out.

Participants in last year's Firehouse Tour received their Grand Tour patch and three brothers were awarded the IronButt. (2x bronze, 1x silver). Congratulations!

Finally, we ended the evening in a relaxed atmosphere with a small Bavarian delicacy.

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